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We prosecute a wide range of patent applications throughout the world, including US patent applications, Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) patent applications, and direct national filings.

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We prepare, file and prosecute intent-to-use applications and use applications. We also file United States national applications based on foreign trademark applications, using any of a variety of filing bases.


We prepare, file, and prosecute applications for United States copyright registrations for computer programs, visual works and a variety of other works.


We serve as a foreign agent (FA) for many foreign law firms and companies, including companies that are global leaders.


The firm serves as counsel to a wide segment of the business community, including large and small, public and private, and domestic and international corporations, non-profit research and educational institutions, start-up companies, and individuals. We offer our clients a high degree of flexibility and responsiveness, as well as a high level of personal attention. 


We strive to provide excellent service in all areas, and recognize that our clients are extremely busy. Our attorneys are adept at efficiently taking invention disclosures and drafting patent applications and other prosecution documents, without unduly burdening our clients. Our attorneys and staff work collegially and cooperatively, and all work is closely supervised by a partner. Internally, we use structured processes to ensure that consistently high-quality services are provided to our clients, with completeness, thoroughness, and uncompromising attention to detail.


The firm’s attorneys and technology specialists have strong technical backgrounds and extensive experience in the electrical, computer science, mechanical, and chemical arts, and are experienced in the prosecution of domestic and foreign patent and trademark applications, and the licensing of intellectual property rights.


The firm has established relationships with a number of respected providers of services that complement those that we offer, for example, law firms that specialize in intellectual property litigation. When a need arises, we work closely with such firms on behalf of our clients. Such relationships allow our clients to gain quick access to expert complementary services.