Marc McGuigan, Ph.D.

Marc McGuigan, Ph.D.
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Marc McGuigan, Ph.D.


• Intellectual Property Law
• Patents
• Trademarks


• Boston Patent Law Association


• Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts, Ph.D.
• College of William and Mary, B.S.
Major: Physics


Dr. McGuigan earned his B.S. degree in Physics from the College of William and Mary and he earned his Ph.D. in physics from Boston University. He is a member of the Boston Patent Law Association and is registered to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Dr. McGuigan’s graduate research focused on high-resolution microscopy and involved optics, electronics, plate design, and electrochemical etching. He designed plates, wired electronics, and developed operating procedures for a shear-force microscope. He later modified the microscope to include optical illumination and collection paths. Dr. McGuigan fabricated probes for the microscope by electrochemically etching gold wire. He optimized the etch parameters to produce probes with an apex diameter around 100 nm (or less) and inspected the probes on a scanning electron microscope. Dr. McGuigan is familiar with many high-resolution imaging techniques including: shear-force microscopy, confocal microscopy, near-field scanning optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, and atomic force microscopy.

Dr. McGuigan has extensive experience presenting technical concepts. As a graduate student, he participated in the NSF GK-12 program, in which he worked with high school physics classes for an academic year. He was a teaching fellow for traditional lecture courses, freshman seminars, and an advanced lab course.

Prior to joining Onello & Mello, Dr. McGuigan worked as an analyst at the Boston University Office of Technology Development. He conducted prior art searches and helped assess the patent and licensing potential of intellectual property developed at Boston University.

Since joining Onello & Mello, Dr. McGuigan has assisted with the preparation of patent applications, office action responses, and various other prosecution matters.